How To Bet NBA Games Online

Learning how to bet NBA games online can be exciting and very rewarding!

Now that this years Super Bowl is in the history books, it’s time to learn how to profitably bet on NBA games online.

In this article, focus will be on the nuts and bolts of betting NBA games.  Whether you are serious sports investor or just a casual sports bettor, the long NBA season gives many opportunities to make money.

Our priority is to teach you how to bet NBA games online.  There are many different wager types for NBA games, however we are going to focus on three basic types: Over/Under, Spread and Moneyline Wagering.

Over Under Wagering

This type of wagering in the NBA is also called “totals” wagering.   Vegas bookmakers analyze each game being played for the day and then set a totals line.

How to Bet NBA Games Online

The totals line is the combined total points that both teams are expected to score.  The “over” wager is betting that the two teams are going to exceed that totals line.  And a “under” wagering is anticipating that the two teams are going to score under the totals line.

This is one of the easiest NBA betting lines to beat, simply because all you have to do is find a matchup where two teams don’t play defense and have top scorers on one or both teams for your over wager.

And on the other end of the spectrum, to have a good under wager …. just find two teams who don’t have scorers – plus one or both teams play good solid defense.

The Spread Bet

Bet NBA Games Online

Bookmakers use the spread, or the points line that they think a team will either win or lose by, to even out the chances of either team winning a wager.

This is an example of how a spread wager works:

Spread Wager

TeamOpening LineFinal Score
Rockets - 8 -110 112
Blazers +8 -110 100

The -8 indicates that the Rockets are the favorite in this game against the Blazers on the road.   The -110 next to the points line is known as the vig, or juice, which is the fee that the sportsbooks charge to place the wager.

The “+” symbol always means that team is the underdog, whereas a “” symbol indicates the favorite.

If you placed a spread bet on the Rockets you would have won this wager.  The Rockets needed to beat the Blazers by 8 or more points and they ended up winning by 12 points.

Moneyline Wager

The Moneyline Bet is a type of wager in which you are just betting on one team to win, regardless of the score or point spread.

Moneyline odds can be pretty high when dominating NBA teams face a team struggling to stay above .500  The Following chart shows a typical example of such a matchup:

TeamMoneyline Odds
Warriors -800

Bet NBA Games Online

In this game the Golden State Warriors are huge moneyline favorites over the Lebronless Cleveland Cavaliers.  A wager on the Warriors, and if they won, would barely yield a profit.  Whereas if the Cavaliers somehow upset the Warriors, a $100 win bet would give you $600 in winnings.

Some NBA bettors usually can find upset moneyline longshots like these and make a pretty decent profit, but they are few and far in between NBA matchups.

These are the 3 basic types of NBA wagers that you should really focus on to bill up a good betting bankroll.  After you are more comfortable with knowing how to bet NBA games online then you can move on to other type of exotic bets.  These type of wagers will be discussed in future articles.

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