How To Bet Sports Online

Betting Sports Online can be fun and rewarding … if you do your homework and have a solid plan.

We suggest the following steps to start your online sports wagering.

Step One:  Set aside discretionary monies to use for your sports wagering.  Do not use monies that are earmarked for household or personal expenses i.e. mortgage, car note, utilities etc.


Step Two:  Open a reliable online sports wagering account.   It is very  important that you chose a well-established site.  We have used BOVADA for over 15 years for all of our online sports betting.   Click BOVADA SPORTSBOOK REVIEW to learn more about opening up your on own online sports betting account.

There is no cost to open your account, and your account can be funded quickly and easily using Bitcoin.

Step Three:  Pick your Betting Niche.  Most sports bettors make the mistake of trying to bet on any and everything, and this just leads to you ending up with a zero bankroll very quick.   If you are a big fan of the NBA, wagering on basketball might be your niche ….. or if you like the NFL – try your skill of wagering on NFL games, etc.

Step Four:  Proper Money Management Techniques.  Another sure fire way to go broke quickly is not using sound money management techniques. Determine how much you are going to wager on each play and stick to your game plan.

6 Major Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting Sports Betting

But before you start throwing down bets, take a moment to ask yourself these six questions.

1. What Are You Trying to Get Out of Sports Betting?

It could be purely for entertainment, or you might want to make it your job instead of your hobby.

2. How Are You Going to Achieve Those Goals?

Everyone needs an action plan. You’ll have to set aside a certain number of hours, and if you’re making it a profession, you’ll need to gather some resources.

3. Which Sports Do You Want to Bet On?

Each sport exists in its own little universe with its own betting market. Think about the size of that market and what time zones the games happen in.

4. Do You Know Anything About the Sports in Question?

The more you already know about your chosen sports, the easier it will be for you to succeed – as long as you’re willing to unlearn some things.

5. Do You Understand the Betting Rules?

The mechanics behind placing a bet aren’t always intuitive. Consult FAQ to learn more about what kinds of bets you can place and what the various limits are.

6. Have You Budgeted Correctly with a Sufficient Bankroll?

Betting on sports can be profitable, but it’s still gambling, and you should never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. You should have a starting bankroll that’s big enough to divide into units of 100.



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