NFL Key Numbers Wagering

NFL Key Numbers Wagering – how to use

NFL Key Numbers Wagering  is a little known but powerful strategy use by many NFL bettors.

Pro teams most often score in multiples of 3 ( which are your field goals) and 7 (which includes touchdown plus the extra point).

How To Use NFL Key Numbers Wagering

This margin of victory is simply known as “NFL Key Numbers”.  Wise NFL bettors know when to get on or off these key numbers.  As a result, they have a tremendous advantage over other players, likewise increase their winning percentages.

Out of 2670 NFL games played, 411 of these games have ended with a margin of victory of 3 points or 18.70%.  This was the results of a study from the 2015 NFL Season.

Strategies of Professional Bettors

Sharp NFL bettors use these stats and shop for the best line to lay -2.5 or take +3.5.  And as a result turns potential pushes into wins.

Furthermore, the most likely final margin in an NFL game is three points.  Almost 9% of all favorites win exactly by a field goal.  The 2nd most likely final margin is by 7 points – in which 6% of the favorites win by a touchdown plus the extra point.

A Field Goal can be a crucial NFL Key Number

Other key numbers to be aware of and incorporate in your NFL wagering strategy are four, six, 10 and 14.  Favorites will land on these 4 numbers in nearly 14.3% of all games.

For an edge against other NFL bettors, it’s extremely important to pay close attention to key numbers in competitive games.

The sharp NFL bettors understand that favorites at a half-point more than “3” and “7” will give value.

There is an old adage in sports betting that you should always remember, “you don’t bet the teams …. you bet the numbers.”

Follow this rule and study your key numbers, you will definitely come out ahead of your fellow NFL bettors.

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