NFL Over Under Wagering Strategy

NFL Over Under Wagering

NFL over under wagering strategy is one of the most popular wagers for NFL games.  This type of wager is usually played more than any other type.

We covered the 3 basic types of NFL wagering in our article How To Bet NFL Games Online

The wagering type that we would like to go into more detail about is NFL over/under wagering.

Spread or Moneyline bets can seem to be so confusing when learning how to wager.  However, NFL over under wagering is so much simple to play.

Here’s How it Works.  You are actually working only with the total combine points scored by both teams.  The vegas bookmakers are the ones who set a “totals” line which forecast the cumulative points that they think are going to be scored by both teams in a given game.

Your job is to predict whether the actual number of points scored by the two teams combined will end up being OVER or UNDER the total line that the bookmakers have set.

Most of the time you will know whether you have won a wager before the game has ended.  Let’s say that you have bet the “over” on a game and both team’s defense forgot to show up and the offense has a field day on both sides of the ball …. you’ve won easily.

In games like this the team’s total combine points can probably go over the bookmaker’s predicted total before the 4th quarter has ended.  This can be sweet for the over bettors but a bummer for the under bettors.

The Popularity of NFL Over Under Wagering

The reason why NFL over under wagering is so popular because it’s so easy.  And this fact alone appeals to a lot of NFL bettors.

Another reason that over/under betting is more rewarding to players is that you are not forced to choose a team and therefore you don’t have to worry about covering a spread or sitting on pins and needles hoping the team you pick wins the game.  You are only concerned about the total points scored for the game.

As a result, bettors aren’t required to know detailed information about the individual players.  Stats are easily to crunch because you are researching only the offense or defense of each team.

How Does The Vegas Wise Guys Set NFL Betting Totals

The best part about NFL totals betting is that you don’t have to do a ton of number crunching or spending Saturday night pouring over tons of data – the Vegas bookmakers have already done it for you.

Learn How to play NFL Over Under Wagering

The process used by the bookmaker’s in setting the over/under totals line includes the following:

  • history of the teams during previous matchups
  • first down conversions
  • completions and interceptions
  • rushing yardage
  • field goal completion percentages

These are just a few of the factors that the bookmaker’s use and this gives you an idea of the amount of research that goes into setting the total’s line.

Also totals betting is simple, forecasting NFL totals is not an exact science and keep in mind that there is a greater degree of uncertainty when betting NFL over/unders.  And because of this fact this spells great profit opportunities for the smart over/under bettors.

Over/Under NFL Betting is by far one of the best wagers to make when looking to make a good profit.  Always follow your gut instinct …. it’s usually the right one.

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