NFL Wagering Strategies

NFL Betting Against Big Road Favorites

A little known NFL betting strategy that is used by the pro NFL players is  “Betting Against a BIG Road Favorite”

A big road favorite in the NFL can be described as any team that is favored by 7 or more points and they are playing at the opponents home stadium.

However, the key is that the road favorite MUST have been a favorite on the road in it’s last game and WON that game in order for you to get a decent price on the spread.  If this condition is present …. You would take the underdog home team to easily cover the spread!

It’s important that you chart and follow these type of road favorites and you will pick up good money by the big road favorite not covering the spread or better yet, losing the game as well.

In a study of over 5,000 regular season games played, the road favorite covered the spread only 20% of those games. 

Last season there were 10 games of this description and the road favorite only covered the spread twice.

This is a little know betting strategy that is sure to put money in your pocket this NFL Season.

Best of Luck!


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