Supreme Court Sports Betting Ruling

Sports Betting Ruling


May 14, 2018 was truly a historic date for Sports Betting in the United States.  The US Supreme court basically struck down a federal law from 1992 that effectively banned commercial sports betting in most states.

Now the door to Legalizing an annual estimated $150 billion dollars in illegal wagers is almost certain.

Sports wagers will be easier …. and bettors will no longer be forced into the black market, using shady offshore operations or illicit bookmakers.  You can learn more about the best online sportsbooks in the industry …. Go To Best Online Sportsbook Review.

Here at we are truly excited about this long overdue ruling.  People are going to do whatever they want to do when it comes to sports gambling …. and now the process is going to be quite easy.

Taking a trip to Las Vegas to make a wager on the Super Bowl or March Madness will soon be more readily a thing of the past.

This decision will definitely result in how sports wagering is accepted from now on.  Across the United States, many state officials and representatives of the casino industry and sportsbooks greeted the ruling with much joy.

To learn more about this historic ruling and what it means to online sports bettors, you can read the entire article here: Supreme Court Ruling Favors Sports Betting

We are extremely pleased by this decision – which basically puts the approval or disapproval of sports betting back in the hands of individuals of each state, and not the federal government.


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